Waste Management

At Mid Norfolk Consultancy we know only too well the importance of site management particularly around the crucially important area of waste management.

We offer a a complete service to not only remove the risk from your business but the risk of breaching the legislation.

At Mid Norfolk Consultancy we work hand in hand with multi-agencies and have inside knowledge of what is required, what you should and shouldn't do and what could land you in court.

Our team are on hand to offer the following services:

Disposal of waste

It is important that you fully understand your legal obligations in accordance with the regulations in order to operate a waste site. We can assist you in understanding waste transfer notes and consignment notes when the waste is hazardous. It is also important to understand the amounts of waste you can store and for how long.

Accepting of waste

When accepting waste it is important to understand what you can accept on site to fully comply with either your permit or your exemption. It is also very important to understand how and when to complete documentation fully to ensure your site complies with the regulations. We can assist you to ensure full compliance with all your legal obligations.

Planning applications

We can assist you with planning applications to local authorities either to obtain permission for a new waste site or applications to change use.

Fire protection plans

All new permit applications, and some existing permitted sites, will need the site to produce a written fire protection plan. We can either assist you in writing a plan or we can produce a plan suitable for the site that you are operating.

Permit applications

We can offer you either advice on how to apply for a waste permit or we can take the hassle from you and make the application on your behalf. We can advise you on all areas prior to application.

Consultation with regulatory bodies

We appreciate that interaction with regulatory bodies can be daunting and perceived as a minefield - we are here to help. We can offer advice and/or act as intermediaries to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

Mid Norfolk Consultancy can offer complete temporary site management for your site through WAMITAB accreditation.