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Vehicle Examination

Perhaps unlike most purchases, we recognise that buying a new vehicle can be a risky and costly experience. We at Mid Norfolk Consultancy can remove the risk from that process. Our team are qualified vehicle technicians drawing from experiences within the Police and the motor vehicle industry. We think we are in a unique position within the sector to have the knowledge base to utilise and offer peace of mind when purchasing your new vehicle. 

Our examinations of secondhand vehicles prior to purchase can be completed at a garage or at the private home of the seller. We will provide you with a full written report to include - but not exclusive to;

Full vehicle history check

We offer full vehicle examination to include history checks. These checks will establish insurance claim history and outstanding finance. Before spending thousands of pounds, we can offer inspections to ensure that you are buying vehicles that are safe with no hidden issues or history.

Full mechanical and bodywork check

We offer full mechanical checks along with full body checks to establish previous repairs of bodywork, along with mechanical checks and electronic diagnostics to establish any faults that could cause you future financial despair.

Full ID check

We offer full identification checks on cars, vans, motorcycles, caravans and plant to establish the true identity of a vehicle. Don’t risk buying a vehicle that could be cloned.

After you receive your report, our service does not stop there. We can continue to offer advice around the purchase of the vehicle, whether we think you should buy it or avoid it and we can offer a full easy to understand version of the report to assist you with your decision making. We want you to own your new vehicle with full peace of mind and that it is the right choice and the right vehicle for you.